Beck Redden Supports Brazoria County Flood Relief Concerts

  • July 20, 2016

Beck Redden LLP is proud to support flood relief efforts in Brazoria County.  Record-high flooding this past May and June not only displaced thousands in the eastern half of Texas, but also took the lives of many animals and livestock as creeks and rivers surpassed their banks.

Rebuilding this community will take time and fundraisers and benefits for Brazoria County have been taking place throughout the month of July.  Many volunteers are still working everyday to help make homes livable again, and to provide support and encouragement to residents.   As is often the case, the fundraising auctions were in need of desired items and Beck Redden was happy to help support two Brazoria County Flood Relief Concerts.

“We are always first in line to help a worthy cause, especially one that supports a community right here in our own backyard,” Beck Redden Partner Troy Ford said.  “As a Texas-based Firm we wanted to help with relief efforts in any way possible.  We were thrilled with the participation of our Beck Redden employees, and happy to hear that our donations greatly helped citizens and generated much needed funding for Brazoria County.”

Beck Redden donated sets of highly sought after Houston Astros tickets to the Brazoria County Flood Relief Benefit Auctions (photos below).   In addition to cash donations, Beck Redden attorneys, staff, and family members donated much needed toiletries, bedding, towels, water, and food for residents and volunteers.  They also provided the SPCA with much needed items, such as boxes, cleaning supplies, a kennel, and newspapers.  Benefit attendees included the Brazoria County Commissioner, numerous county officials, and supportive citizens from across the Greater Houston area.

(Left to right)  Supportive citizen Lou Costa pictured here with Justin Gambino of the Shattered Silence Band who performed at the concerts.  Lou’s bid earned him the donated Astros tickets, along with having Justin go down the water slide!

Our Beck Redden Texas & Astros Tickets Basket.

Donated items from Beck Redden employees.

Benefit volunteers and supporters.  Back Row: Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Los Carnales y La Familia.