Beck Redden Attorney Saves Veteran from Eviction

Just Days After Passing Texas State Bar Exam

  • May 4, 2016

Beck Redden Associate, Joshua D. Lee, received news that he passed the bar on Friday, April 29, 2016.  That afternoon he volunteered at the Houston Bar Association's Veterans Legal Initiative Clinic, and consulted with a veteran who had a bench trial set for the morning of May 3, 2016, whereby he was to be evicted.  Even more important was the fact that the Veteran participates in a program through which the government pays a significant portion towards his rent each month for the remainder of this life; however, the Veteran would become ineligible to continue receiving funds with an eviction on his record. 

The morning Josh was sworn in (Monday, May 2, 2016), he met with the client and prepared for trial set for the next afternoon.  On the courthouse steps, Josh was able to negotiate a settlement that prevented his client from being evicted, severely limited the client’s liability for past unpaid rent, and thereby protected his participation in the rent program going forward.  Not only did this provide Josh with an invaluable learning experience, but also it made a huge difference in this Veteran’s life. 

This is another example of how, in their communities, Beck Redden’s lawyers are first in line to volunteer their time and expertise to deserving causes. As lawyers, the Firm lends its services to a diverse set of pro bono clientele, and many of the attorneys play prominent roles in the bar.